Nice new spot for GiffGaff by Who Wot Why

“The big swim” stars a woman who does the biggest dive ever before returning to her man with a splash to demonstrate that Giffgaff customers are both “free to go” and “free to stay”. Who Wot Why got the brief after a pitch that followed a “chance” meeting. Sean Thompson directed the spot through Dark Energy Films.

Thompson said: “I chose to use model making, enhanced by CGI, to give handmade charm and epic scale. The space station and Mars Rover were handcrafted in London and were delivered to the sets in South Africa, where the art department designed the full-size space station’s nose and the lunar and Mars surfaces. The models were hand-puppeteered on-set.

“We cast an actress with wirework skills honed on a martial arts movie. She had to have the core strength to be able to hang suspended from a crane at the pool location, in the studio and work freely underwater.


My Fiat 500 spot voted No3 in the world on Ad Forum

Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 11.48.31

I was recently hired by Krow Communications to work on Alfa Romeo and Fiat. I came up with this idea which was part of my wider 360 campaign for the Fiat 500 60th year Limited Edition. I wasn’t involved in the production of the spot but I’m pleased to see it being voted No3 on Ad Forum. Actually I discovered this talented animator Cyriak over 10yrs ago but sometime it can take that long to find the right brief. I wouldn’t have done this for Jaguar. Over the intervening 10yrs he’s done several ads and gained an almost cult following with youtube views of 40 million per film.