Aaron Draplin

Designer Aaron Draplin

I first found this guy around 2 years ago. I wanted to post about him again, he’s such a refreshing thing to the cookie cutter, digital stuff that’s everywhere now. He really reminds me of how were were back at art college. I’ve always had a retro liking myself, I don’t call it vintage. For 30yrs I’ve collected 1930s 40s 50s American radios. So much nostalgia from an awesome era.

Group stink

Group stink

Good article by my old boss John Hegarty saying Einstein didn’t have a brain storm. I also think group think can actually be dangerous. There’s lots of thinking along these lines online.

Natural born smoker

‘Natural born smoker’ trumps ‘Meet Graham’

The Cannes jury quite rightly decided Meet Graham was too similar to Natural born smoker by FCO London, which was incidentally witty and shocking for the time. They both remind me of an image in a graphics book I had at art college called the homunculus which show the body in its sensory proportions.



Had to mention TKMAXX, one of my favourite shops, is running this funny ad from Wieden+Kennedy. I have to say that little guy at the front is seriously odd but I guess that was intentional. It reminds me a little of the great Be Stupid Diesel campaign by Anomaly, beautifully bonkers.


Actual working transformer

BMW have now made a working transformer. I had this ideas once for an Audi spot in around 2001, my boss said no. Then Citroen came along and did it a year or two later. The rest is history.