My Fiat 500 spot voted No3 in the world on Ad Forum

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I was recently hired by Krow Communications to work on Alfa Romeo and Fiat. I came up with this idea which was part of my wider 360 campaign for the Fiat 500 60th year Limited Edition. I wasn’t involved in the production of the spot but I’m pleased to see it being voted No3 on Ad Forum. Actually I discovered this talented animator Cyriak over 10yrs ago but sometime it can take that long to find the right brief. I wouldn’t have done this for Jaguar. Over the intervening 10yrs he’s done several ads and gained an almost cult following with youtube views of 40 million per film.


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Well done BBHNY for their integrated Grand Prix at Cannes. 6.6Billion media impressions.

How to write creative advertising briefs

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Audi ‘Speed isn’t everything’

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Very good to see BBH and Audi back on form, although I’m a huge fan of the original track from the original Steve McQueen film The Thomas crown affair. But I can see why they went for a woman’s voice. Some extreme close ups could have been lush.

Channel 4 rebrand

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One of the best bits of design I’ve seen in a year.

VW “The Big Arrival”

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Another funny ad by Adam&Eve/DDB. All the parents amongst us know that vibe. The part with the classical music is spot on.

Harvey Nichols

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I found a good ad


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A great article from Dare about how smaller is way better. “We pretend our lives are composed of grand, sweeping themes like love and death and sex. They’re not. It’s mostly trips to Pret.” 


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Checkout this great idea a Samsung tv screen in the back of a lorry to show the driver behind when the road ahead is clear.


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I remember when Snapchat was worth just a few million, now it’s a $16 billion company. Amazing when you think that it’s based around spontaneous snaps taken by kids to communicate with each other. Here’s a lovely low budget explanation by the CEO.

We knew back in the early 90s people were getting too time poor to read long ads and articles, then along came the web, super fast broadband and mobile devices.

I won’t take up any more of your time just watch the film.