Actual working transformer

BMW have now made a working transformer. I had this ideas once for an Audi spot in around 2001, my boss said no. Then Citroen came along and did it a year or two later. The rest is history.

The Danny Kleinman interview

The Danny Kleinman interview

Have a listen to this great one hr interview by my old friend Ben Kay of my even older friend, the living ad legend Danny Kleinman. Such a talented, interesting and decent all round chap. So decent I hired him twice, once in 1999 when he directed my Audi Wakeboarding spot and again in about 2002 when he directed my Baileys spot at Pinewood.

World’s first Dyslexic Sperm Bank

Probably one reason I’ve always been left field, I was mildly dyslexic as a child but through a lot of hard work I got over it at around 12yrs. Richard Branson, an old client of mine, is helping to launch the charity Made By Dyslexia who are promoting the world’s first ‘dyslexic sperm bank’. Y&R created the campaign and aims to alter the perceptions of dyslexia and treating it as a different way of thinking. The “sperm bank”, while not accepting actual donors, was chosen as an idea for the launch because some sperm banks have not let dyslexics donate until recently. Click on the type above to see the film created by Y&R showing the making of the sperm bank being set up. People who visit the sperm bank are greeted by a man in a white coat who seeks to change their preconceptions about dyslexia.